Analyzing (Part I. Membership and Federal Agency Involvement) Saturday, Dec 12 2009 

While many would not believe me saying what the title says, after closely following various discussions on the so called white nationalist site, the poor bastards don’t even know that they their site might have been hijacked by the federal agents during sometime this year, possibly during Summer.  When the first proposals of various registrations came out, regarding  “right wing extremism” and now as the “hate crime laws” are signed by pres. Obama, the site was already under the control of various infiltrators coming from think-tanks,  FBI and other undercover agents.  In this part of this blog, I’m gonna tell you my own observation regarding Stormfront and Its members and how to gain access to the site and become a popular member on the site.

Their main purpose?

First and foremost, to gather intelligence, regarding extremism and extremists and keep a close tab on various nationalist and right wing organizations across USA and also Europe.

How would they do this?

Very easy. There are no real rules how to become a member on Stormfront.  You simply post in the “opposing section” which is heavily moderated, but  sympathetic posts to white nationalism will be allowed to go through as well as some ridiculous posts made by the “anti-whites” , or lets just call them people who write quite dumb things out of a gut reaction.

I’ll write about  later on FBI involvement and undercover agents on, for now I’m gonna focus on members and membership on

Those “guests”,  who are allowed and post something that is more of an outrage or even hatred,  the real  purpose of allowing  to redicule  everybody, who disagree with the site or the ideology behind Stormfront and Don Blacks’ creation of the white nationalist forum. I’m not sure, but it is a possibility, if some of these posts are actually made by -signed out- full members, posing as guests, perhaps with the help of a proxy server to hide their identity and whether they are or aren’t , we wouldn’t know for sure, not even by the members or the moderators would know it either, unless the moderators and the administration is involved as well.

The sympathetic ones stay on, regardless of who wrote it, it could be a Chinese or Japanese or even a black person. The forum members who respond to those, treat them as like some sort of a “ambassador” from another “tribe” or “race” and either will serve them as a reinforcement of their beliefs, but even them could fall victim of vicious racists who will try to pull some sarcastic racist jokes on them anyway, eventually they will be chased off the site by the real haters, for whom you can tell whatever you want, they will either respond with a noose or a satirical cartoon to ridicule them, completely destroying the credibility of what most of them would voice about “we just want separation between races”.

So, going back to how to become a member, how to reach the status of someone who is regarded as a “patriot” of white nationalism and gain support of others:

As long as you continue to post sympathetic thoughts to white nationalism, you will be soon granted a membership on the site and eventually your posts won’t be filtered by moderators anymore.  Once you reach that status, you are granted to post within all the forums and it’s time to collect your green dots.

The green dots, representing your status on the site; your reputation.   Many look upon the ones, who got many green dots comming from “repping” or “giving him a reputation, based on what he or she has posted and others agreed on his posts. It must be easy to collect those, as long as you blame the Jews or the Negroes one way or another, you lead or side track any discussions that will end up with a Jewish involvement or the “savage Negroes”.

The most active section of the site is the news site and it’s the busiest as well, visited by guests the most often and,  you’d find some pretty interesting linked articles coming from various sources, that you most likely won’t see being discussed on CNN or FoxNews.  Of course if you ever read must take everything there with that spoon of antisemitism and racism added, usually by the commenting members replying below, and if you are really just surfing the web for info and you come across the site, you are better off reading the article and forget about the comments and disregard the rest of it, because 99% of the time it’s pure garbage, although you might find some intriguing thoughts, but few and far between and they must admit to the “cause” one way or another to knit in antisemitic/racist ideology or a sarcastic comment, otherwise the member might find himself being ridiculed or – my guess – suspended for being a suspcious “race traitor” or perhaps an “undercover Jew” and those are probably the biggest offenses you could commit on the site.

I’m not even sure if everybody is really a “WN” (White Nationalists) there,  I’m pretty good at analyzing people by what they write and i get the feeling, that many members – especially newcomers in the past few years- aren’t really  “white nationalists” but disgruntled everyday people, who feel being pushed over by either their employers or found themselves of being part of or being the witness of a crime, that might have been committed by a minority group.  I would say, they must submit themselves to the main ideology of what Stormfront was built upon, so whether they really mean it or not,  racism and antisemitism must be sewn into their posts and replies, otherwise pressure will be applied by other members and member can easily be pushed out and discredited without mercy.

….To be continued….

Police Clashes with Hungarian Civilians Again Saturday, Oct 24 2009 

Police Clash with Hungarian Civilians Again!

This time, they try to go find trouble with a peacefull commemoration of the 1956 Revolution in Debrecen, Hungary.

(in case, the youtube video gets deleted, it features about 100-150 people singing the Szekely Hymn, when the police shows up in  2 groups, marching towards the singing group and start asking for IDs. There are some pushing around goes on and they try to arrest someone for nothing. The public is outraged and demand the Police to stop their activity, they have done nothing at all.  Eventually the police leaves and the people celebrate it as a victory over the oppresive regime, that has been set afoot in Hungary, ever since the MSZP (Hungarian Socialist Party) has been elected (by fraud) .

A Háborúk Ára Friday, Oct 23 2009

The Lost MALEV Flight of 1975 Monday, Mar 17 2008 

Flight 240, was a Tupolev Tu-154 tri-motor jetliner of Malév Hungarian Airlines, which was flying on the Budapest to Beirut regular route when it was shot down near the Lebanese shoreline on 30 September 1975. There was a crew of ten Hungarians and fifty passengers on board, some of them from Scandinavia with only a single Hungarian traveler, there were also Palestinians, Lebanese, French, an Egyptian, a Saudi and a Dutchman traveling. There were no survivors as the wrecks fell into open waters on a dark night.
Malev Flight 240

During this period most airlines refused to fly the Beirut route due the chaotic Middle East situation. The airport in Beirut had received artillery fire a week before the event. Although Malév had also suspended the route temporarily in early 1975, it was soon reopened to help the Arab countries and especially the Palestinians to maintain contact, in line with the Soviet Bloc’s pro-Arab policies. Independent businessmen were also keen to take advantage of this sole link, even though Malév had a poor reputation at the time. The plane was filled to less than half of its seating capacity.

The Hungarian communist government did not pursue an investigation of the events, choosing instead to collect an unusually large sum of insurance money paid for the plane and the victims (some victims never saw that money though), based on an air accident claim.

The submerged wreck and black box data recorders were never searched, because of unstable political situation in Lebanon and the unsolvable technical difficulties posed by recovery from 600-meter depths, at least according to the official explanation. (In early 80s an Italian plane was salvaged and black boxes retrieved although the depth was some three thousand meters.)

It has been known from day one that the plane was destroyed by an explosion, since it disappeared without a distress signal mere seconds after negotiating a landing permit with the Beirut Airport and several independent witnesses saw the fireball. The cause of explosion has been determined as an external event (a missile hit as opposed to a bomb on board) based on analysis of floating pieces of wreckage. After that, the case laid dormant until the early 2000s when the coming 25th and 30th anniversaries renewed public interest in the case.

In a 2004 documentary film shown on Hungarian TV, a Hungarian woman talked about the former crew of RAF Olympus long range radar station in Akrotiri, Cyprus testified that they saw the Tu-154 being shot down by an AA missile fired by another aircraft, whose radar signature was characteristic of the F-4 Phantom II. Only the Israeli Air Force operated such craft in the area and that specific area fell also under their control.

Some radar and military experts do not believe that this sort of exact determination would have been possible with the 1960’s vintage radar in question.

Several motives have been proposed for the shot-down, including:

* The large cargo space of the Tu-154 was allegedly filled with a four metric ton small arms (AK47) and ammunition shipment intended for the Palestinian armed struggle and the flight was shot down to deny these weapons to the militias, although such flights were resumed and continued for years, as did also LOT, the Polish Airline.
* A delegation of ten medium-high ranking Palestinian representatives had just opened a PLO office in Budapest and were en route to Beirut and about to board Flight 240, but they were late and missed the plane by mere minutes. The flight’s departure had been rescheduled three times. Therefore the downing of Flight 240 was a possible large-scale assassination attempt, which did not get canceled for lack of up-to-date information.

Relatives and descendants of the victims are currently trying to organize a privately funded underwater mission to film the wreckage. The Hungarian government is notably silent on the issue, although it has used the pages of largest Hungarian newspaper Népszabadság to mildly inform relatives that research can only be undertaken if any interest in trying to discover the cause of such events is renounced beforehand.

Israeli investment is a very significant source of capital in post-communist Hungary’s new market economy, which could be hurt badly by a war crimes themed feud.

It is worth noting that there was a strikingly similar case: OK-DBF, the Ilyushin Il-62 plane of Czech Airlines’ Flight 542 crashed off Damascus on 20 August 1975.

Unfortunately the Wikipedia-crew has deleted this article.